Why you should get rid of those toys your kids received for Christmas

(Excuse my english, I’m French)

Are you part of those parents who got drowned by all the toys your kids received for Christmas ? Well I am. And I am certainly not responsible.

I have only one son for now. And he is not even 2. But sure enough, he got TONS of things for Christmas from my family in law. I noticed in USA kids really get a lot of things for Christmas and birthdays. And most of them have also playrooms because the bedrooms are probably not big enough to contain all those STUFFS.

In France (or at least in my French world and education), kids gets a fifth of that. Seriously. And they are not less happy. And this has nothing to do with what families can afford or not.

First, it all starts with the fact that French kids are less tempted to ask for things they see on TV because they watch less TV. What do kids do in France when they come out of school ? They have a snack, do their homework and go play outside. If raining, they play in their rooms. TV is very optional and always the least preferred option. Same during the WK. TV is only an hour or 2 in the morning time. Afternoon is for arts and crafts.

Here in USA, I feel like in most houses I go to, TV is always ON and kids are addicted to it. They also see all the commercials about all types of toys or things they end up wanting (these commercials are designed to create the needs).

So, no surprise families feel obligated to access the needs. I saw truly awful things during Xmas time in US : kids opening their hundred presents, tearing apart the wrapping paper in a second, looking at the toy for another second, and immediately switching to the next present. Crazyyyy!

Anyway, you gonna tell me : what is the problem if my children have a lot of toys?! Well, there is ONE : the fact that those children are overwhelmed in many ways, getting them used to materialism, but worst of all : this is stopping their CREATIVITY.

Indeed, it has been proven that boredom stimulates creativity (FYI I hold a master in psychology and did my researches throughly before writing this). The less things children have around, the more bored they are, and the more creative their brains start to be. The brain is a wonderful muscle with endless possibilities (Einstein said it : we only use 2% of our intellectual capabilities) and needs to be stimulated at the earliest age possible.

So, take all those stuffs to a place where other children need it more (an orphanage, an hospital, anything…) OR hide it and just leave few essentials accessible (their favorite doll or robot, one or 2 games, few books, paper and pencils...)  AND cut off contact with all screens (yes, including tablets and smartphones ; ) as much as you can. For the rest, let your child be bored, let his mind wander, and let him reinventing his world… He/She will thank you later.

Thank you for reading : )

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