Dario, European student and Uber driver

I love cultural mixes, being myself married with a “foreigner” (even though I am the foreigner here !). When this young guy came to pick me up, I knew he was also the result of a mix. He did not have a specific accent but a little something exotic in general.

When I asked him, he said he was half Portuguese half Serbian.

He moved to Charleston with his family when he was a teenager and since then completely blended with the local culture.

However, he mentioned me he understood my feelings and my difficulty to adapt (I had been here since a year and I find very hard to develop my social network, especially working from home and having a baby), because there is a big gap between American and European culture.

He told me he was still studying (engineering) and doing uber the rest of the time to help out with his studies.

He hopes he will be able to contribute to develop new technologies in favor of the environnement. I know he will succeed and I wish him the best.

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