“I like large parties. They’re so intimate…”

“…At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (1925)

Maybe that’s the reason why I managed to get to know you so well on this birthday evening. No one would notice us, no one would disturb us. It’s like putting on some invisibility cape while staying in the middle of everybody.


When I met you for the very first time, we shook hands, as we do in the UK. But at this exact moment, there was more room for looking at each other (not like we do “la bise”, the french kiss that puts you immediately intimate physically with a stranger but when you finally don’t even look at each other. Quite a paradoxal approach in fact! ) and I felt my cheeks turning red as you were clearly looking at me with a confident and beautiful smile.

That’s when I knew I was lost…

Two strangers, two worlds, two languages. One chance. The chance to be there tonight at the same time as you, since you were literally just moving in to be the flatmate of my friend..The one who was celebrating his birthday. Renaud, if you read these lines, remember how important you will always be for us for being the one who made the link.

27 Everington Street, London. The place where it all began. Saurav, Saket, if you read these lines, thank you for being so tranquil for all the hours, days, and months I spent here! With you guys, I learned how to appreciate eggs on toasts (Saket) and Pizzas (Saurav).

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