Life is short and the world is big

“…you can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.” Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises (1926)

Living an expatriate life is something exciting and at the same time, terrifying. Every time you move to a new place, you have to extract your roots and plant them again ; accepting to leave behind things, places, routines, favorite restaurants, favorite streets…and the most difficult: friends…

Georges Barbier

Accepting to leave:

-this amazing vintage furniture you found one day in the street…

-this wonderful hand carved room separator you got in an antique shop because the colors matched those of your living room!

-this great wood sculpture you completed one week in January while you had the flu….(a shame your better half didn’t know how to appreciate “original art” so you had to hide it when guests were coming!) -the cocoon-flat in which you spent the best moments…

But also:

-the little bar you were meeting your friends at for the very-expected “drink after work”

-the restaurant you’ve been eating at 50 times, just because everything there was perfect

-the sport center that was trying to make you look awesome, even after croquettas!

-the little vintage shop where you used to spend twice more than you should have because there was always this fabulous belt, hat or bag just your size and just your taste…

-the exhibition center which (tried to) made you smarter every time you were going (I wish I could have gone even more!)

-the beach you were running at  sun-tanning at -and many more…the list is long!

But really: 

-all the great people you worked with for all this time. The same ones who played a joke on you the first day of your arrival to welcome you and de-stress the atmosphere. The same ones with whom you accomplished the impossible! The same ones you celebrated every end of the week on a sunny terrace!

-all the great friends you found: in the bus, at the yoga course, at the wine tasting, in the vintage shop or in the post office…The same ones from different continents, nationalities, religions, ages but who were so like you…The same ones you told everything and learned everything about. The same ones you spent hours with on the phone even if you were on the way to meet them. We miss you guys… georges barbier

Leaving behind what we love is hard but objects are replaceable, routines are adaptable and friends are unforgettable, no matter where you go.

And, as a couple, having the same common desire to explore the world with its different ways of living and thinking is an invaluable experience, a way to become better people, more sensible and open minded with a passion for discovery. A choice of life we share and want to transmit to our children.

We know each experience has a beginning and an end so we try to make the most of it. And each time we change countries, we extend our natural perception and give more room to tolerance, compassion and curiosity. We feel like two little kids ready to grow up again and again… Looking at this beautiful world with the same eyes.



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