What does your husband do?

(Excuse my english, I’m French)

Have yo ever feel like a sense of déjà-vu, like…everyday?! I did. I do.

The question I expect E-V-E-R-Y single time when I meet someone for the first time and I get asked (just after “where are you from” since I have a terrible French accent) within 2 minutes of conversation “what does your husband do?”.

Not what I do. They could care less about what I do. I must not be doing anything interesting or well-paid enough. But in people’s mind, the husband surely has the important and best-paid job. At least this is what people seem to think in USA.

I hate so much when people ask me this question without barely knowing my name. I feel insulted because they don’t care about me and want to know immediately what my husband is worth. (because if they ask that straightway it is for this reason. They need to put a price and a social cast on my head).

And yes, my husband has a very good job. But who cares?! Mine is just as good!

Just to let you know guys – and this include both men and women, because you both do it (this is a cultural tragedy) – the value of a person should never be in his job, neither in his/her bank account.

Where I come from, we believe the true value of a person is in his/her opinions, behaviors, points of interests, capability of kindness, generosity, humor (humor is sOOO important!)…These are all things I value more than a job.

Don’t make me wrong: knowing about someone’s job is good. Yes, it is good if you know already a bit the person and if you already learned first about the true important things about him or her. Then, to know about someone’s husband job, you need to know VERY WELL the person to ask this type of question.

If you feel the same way or if you don’t and have a different approach, do not hesitate to comment to help me understand better about this strange culture…

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