William : Teacher, Therapist, and Uber driver

As far as I remember, 99% of my uber experience had been great. But this one was far above them all.

I met today the sweetest man in Charleston. His name is William and his humility goes hand in hand with his passion. His passion is his job. Not just Uber in fact – because William is also a school teacher as well as a former Delta customer service employee – but he mainly works with disabled children.

He was very happy to talk to me about it, explaining how rewarding is his job. “These children are the strongest of all and they never give up. They try so hard to reach their goals and when they succeed, I am the happiest person in the world.”

William explains me that Goodwill in Charleston does a lot for this children as they can go there volunteer and feeling like they are needed and belong to something.

William is not married and has no children of his own but he says “all these children are mine”.

He also talked about his job at Delta. Before, he used to work with the children during the day and for Delta during the evening. Thanks to his Delta employee benefits, he travelled a lot to all continents – which makes him a wise and open-minded person.

He is currently building himself a little house and he wants to install solar panels everywhere because he is really mindful about environnement and sustainability. He has an extensive knowledge regarding the planet and the current global warming issues. He is worried for the planet. What will happen to the earth if we continue to use so much energy. What will be left for our children”? He mentioned the massive trillion-ton iceberg that just broke off Antarctica.

William is definitely someone who impacted my day and left me full of thoughts…

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